The Triangle Book Stand is our patented product made of black-colored, impact-resistant, ABS plastic that makes reading easy!


The Triangle Book Stand consists of three covers or panels that prop into a triangle-shaped structure with embedded magnets. A Page Holder—a rectangle-shaped frame with a large cavity—is permanently attached to the third panel. A separate book, made by book publishers or their printers and bound with Wire-O, is attachable and detachable to perforations in the third panel. Thus, the Triangle Book Stand with its slidable Page Holder provides the viewing of two book pages at a time, one above the other.

PLEASE NOTE: The Triangle Book is a book format that we license, whereas the Triangle Book Stand is an actual product that we will make and sell. A separate book made by publishers or their printers is then attached to the Triangle Book Stand.

Similarities between Triangle Book and Triangle Book Stand

Although our Triangle Book Stand is different from our Triangle Book format, they have several similarities. That is, many of this website’s explanations about the Triangle Book apply to the Triangle Book Stand with a book attached. Especially relevant are that the same types of books that work best for the Triangle Book format also work best as books made for a Triangle Book Stand.

Advantages of the Triangle Book Stand

The big advantage of the Triangle Book Stand (TBS) is that it makes it easier and cheaper for book manufacturers to make books for it compared to making Triangle Books. First, a TBS book only has two covers. Second, since TBS book covers do not prop themselves, they can be made of thinner and less costly material than covers of a Triangle Book, which must be propped with little or no swayback. Third, a TBS book does not need fasteners, such as Velcro or magnets, for propping as does a Triangle Book.

The Future of the Triangle Book Stand

The Triangle Book Stand is our recent invention. As of early 2021, we are undecided about what to do with it. It is a product we either would manufacture and sell or simply license. Its use depends on book publishers making books to fit it, thus in landscape. Yet, consumers would not have to have a Triangle Book Stand to use such books. To sum, besides possibly the book spine, the only difference between traditional books made with Wire-O and books made for the Triangle Book Stand is that TBS books must be printed in landscape with one page viewed above the other, like a wall calendar, whereas traditional wire-bound books, of course, are printed in portrait with two pages viewed side-by-side.