You don’t have to hold the pages open, so:

  • your hands are free to write, type, or eat with them while reading a Triangle Book
  • it’s easier to copy text onto a computer with book closer
  • it causes better posture with head centered over the neck
  • you look at flat pages with no forward bending of the neck
  • it does not contribute to the smart phone tech-neck epidemic
  • your fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders do not get tired
  • large, heavy books (textbooks) are more comfortable to read
  • it makes reading easier for the physically disabled
  • you don’t have to close the book to leave and return

Wire binding is better than perfect (glue) binding because:

  • there is no tight spine to crease to make pages stay open
  • flat pages are easier and faster to read than curved pages
  • flat pages are easier to highlight and write notes on
  • a pen or highlighter can be attached inside the wire binding
  • a bookmark with holes and slits slides onto the wire binding
  • a bookmark attached to wire binding stays in place
  • it enables a little larger wire text frame, thus reducing page count
  • its front cover does not curl up as a softcover book’s does
  • pages rotate 360º, providing back-to-back reading if desired

Two columns in The Triangle Book landscape format:

  • provide a narrower text frame that is easier & faster to read
  • enable fewer mistakes when copying text onto a computer
  • allows bottom divider tabs for easier viewing than side tabs

The built-in book stand also means:

  • its propped position is completely stable due to a wide base
  • its pages stay at the recommended 60-75° reading angle
  • it has no glare on glossy images from overhead lighting
  • it is perfect for reading on an airplane drop-down food tray
  • bookstores can prop a book on a stack to get customer attention
  • bookstores do not need a separate book stand to display books